Understanding your building’s operational and energy needs is crucial to reducing overall energy consumption.

Energy Audits

Each facility is a collection of unique systems, all of which are components of a complete building energy system, and all of which are important to monitor. Whatever your needs, we can customize an offering to help you maintain a more comprehensive knowledge of your energy systems.

What We Provide

Predictive Service’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Professional Accreditation and Energy Star Partnership demonstrates our commitment to being energy-conscious professionals that possess the knowledge and skills to successfully steward the LEED® and Energy Star certification processes. ENERGY STAR® certified buildings, for example, typically use 35 percent less energy than average buildings and cost 50 cents less per square foot to operate. 


Snapshot Assessment

Our Energy Snapshot focuses on the preliminary data collection and analysis necessary to move forward into an energy audit of your facility. It is valuable to perform a preliminary energy use analysis to determine a building’s current energy and cost efficiency relative to other, similar buildings. This is accomplished by calculating the energy use and cost per square foot per year, which can indicate the potential value of further levels of analysis.

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Energy Audits

We utilize the Energy Audit format developed by the leading resource for building energy use, the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration,

and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which takes a universal approach to addressing varying needs of different owners and facilities.

Our Energy Audits can range in level of detail being provided, and always include a building survey and energy analysis, including:

  • Breakdown of energy use in the building

  • Savings & cost analysis of all practical measures that meet the owner’s constraints

  • Discussion of any effect on operation and maintenance procedures

  • Potential capital-intensive improvements that require more thorough data collection & analysis

  • Initial judgment of potential costs & savings. 


  • Reduction in operating and maintenance costs

  • Reduction in energy usage among all building systems

  • Compliance for regulatory and insurance requirements

  • Cost justified plan for improvements, renovations or upgrades


Whether your objective is achievement of green building recognitions or to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your energy systems, Predictive Service’s Energy Audits and Assessments can help. Contact us today to learn more.


Reliability Snapshot

Looking to improve your reliability strategy and tired of “fighting fires?” With Predictive Service’s Reliability Snapshot, you gain access to our unique, blended approach to evaluation that assesses your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.


Building Commissioning

A systematic review of building systems to confirm they were installed and operating as designed or in accordance with your requirements.

Energy Modeling & Simulation

Building Energy Modeling is a fundamental component of an integrated design process.

It can be used not only to evaluate a building’s energy usage and consumption, but to also evaluate different strategies for new designs.