Reliability Snapshot

Are you tired of "fighting fires" and looking to improve your reliability strategy?

With SEAM Group’s Reliability Snapshot, you gain access to our unique, blended approach to evaluation that assesses your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. 


Choosing the path forward with Reliability Snapshot

Studies show that the average maintenance department is actively working on several major improvement initiatives at any given time, with an ever-growing list on the horizon. In many cases, the prioritization and execution of improvement activities are driven not by logic, but by emotion, perceived urgency, or by apparent difficulty. No matter the reason, many projects end up addressing a localized problem, but fall short of accomplishing loftier goals. Accelerated results are achieved through Predictive Service’s approach to developing a successful project plan. 

Why SEAM Group?

We provide quantitative scoring to showcase your exact progress compared to your peers, as well as observations delivered by our industry-leading subject matter experts. Partnering with us, we will identify the improvement actions that can be easily executed and implemented immediately, as well as the short- and mid-range action items that become the backbone of your strategic plan.


  • Comprehensively evaluate  all aspects of your maintenance and reliability program

  • Benchmark your activities against industry averages and best practices

  • Recognize opportunities to address cultural stumbling blocks

  • Identify both glaring and hidden operational gaps that limit your existing efforts

  • Organize activities into small, metrics-based projects by carefully analyzing causes and effects

  • Assemble a results-driven strategy you can use immediately


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Reliability Baselining

Compare the current state of your maintenance program and processes to available benchmarks and best practices. Predictive Service’s Baselining quantifies and validates performance gaps so improvement initiatives can be scoped and a business case developed.

PM Optimization

PM Optimization removes waste and ensures all PM tasks add value and addresses known failure modes.  Our comprehensive approach to PM Optimization expands beyond task optimization to encompass a program focused on overall system change.

OEE Optimization

Poor Overall Equipment Effectiveness Optimization (OEE) can have a profound negative impact on your entire operation. OEE Optimization uses a blended approach of constraint management coupled with LEAN principles.