Are Training Instructors a Dying Breed?

April 10, 2019




Maintenance Trades are showing signs of weakening numbers in the workforce. Kids graduating are not flooding the union halls or trades craft these days. As equipment in industrial plants continues to age and deteriorate the need for proper equipment maintenance is ever present. The need for employee training, cross-training, re-training is on the rise.    There are many new technologies that have emerged in the past decade to assist with content delivery methods that now include AI – Artificial Intelligence, Online Training, and other Web-based programs.


These new delivery methods are cutting edge and have their applications but I guess you can call me “old school” as I can’t see us ever replacing good ol’ Hands-on Insructor-led training.  As someone that has been around maintenance training for the past 20 years I am pleased to see all of the options available to provide maintenance training for the workforce, but these new content delivery methods can still be coupled with hands-on applications.  We stare at screens these days enough as it is and nothing compares to putting your hands on the equipment and having an instructor in the room to assist your learning environment. 


Check out SEAM Group LLC at for more information on our training classes and to learn more about our Hands-on Classes.

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